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Going for the gusto! We need your votes!

Home of Poi, supplier of a fair quantity of HVBRIS' fire-performance gear, regularly has contests; this time around, there's a photo contest for "partner poi." The esteemed eolas16 (me) and parhellionhave entered two photos apiece, under each of their accounts over at Home of Poi, CTHobbit and Parhellion. A person can vote four times-- we're asking our friends to use their four votes for these four entries! If you'd be so willing, we'd love it if you'd head over to Home of Poi's web site. No registration/sign-up/etc. is required to vote.

One of the entries, "Bicycle Built for Two," is a photo castalusoria took at the Hungry Tiger Street Festival earlier this month in Somerville, MA! 

Here are some handy links to the entries' pages!

1 - www.homeofpoi.com/competition/view_all_entries.php/25_726
2 - www.homeofpoi.com/competition/view_all_entries.php/25_727
3 - www.homeofpoi.com/competition/view_all_entries.php/25_694
4 - www.homeofpoi.com/competition/view_all_entries.php/25_693

The prize for the winner is $300 worth of gear from Home of Poi, which my troupe-mates will be able to put to the use of the troupe! (Hooray!)

Please feel free to boost the signal!

Post FSG Illness Alert

 Please boost this note, as it contains important information for any parent at FSG, or anyone who spent a lot of time around us and our daughter at FSG:

To those of you who spent time with us, or have children at FSG.

After being fine and healthy all week Gill came down with a fever yesterday (Sunday) during the day. It spiked up to 103 that night, also with sore throat/glands. We took her to the doctor this morning (after piggybacking ibuprofen and acetaminophen all night) . The quick culture for Strep is negative. However, the front-body rash that she has is a sign of Strep (variant A) which indicates other body involvement [rheumatic fever, kidney problems, etc]. The doctor said in these cases (with the rash/body signs) they treat with antibiotics immediately regardless of culture.

I also have a sore throat (and white spots) and went to my doctor today. My quick culture was also negative, but with Gill's diagnosis and having possible Strep A in the household (and me being symptomatic, despite negative culture) agreed to treat me preemptively so I do not further develop whatever I am showing symptoms of.

So the long and short of it is, if you or your child are showing signs (fever, headache, body rash, sore throat, swollen glands, etc) please consider contacting your physician. We have no idea where she may have picked this up, as any of the children could have brought an infection from school to festival and passed it along there.

We certainly hope that this passes quickly here at home, and we hope that we were on the short list of a limited outbreak. Best to everyone, and a quick return to health of anyone else who picked this up at FSG.

High Aspirations

Good morning everyone,

It's a world of ice out there, so what do I have on my mind? Fire! And I need your help!Collapse )
From Jeff Mach:

So I have several messages to get out to the world, particularly the likely-to-go-to-World's-Faire ones. If you can spread some or all of these, that makes life vastly better.

1. We will have a Badge Recycling Program! Please, if you feel you can part with part of the souvenir, keep your badge card, but leave your badge & lanyard in the recycling bin at World's Fair?

2. We still need things for the Iron Modder competition that you'll see about halfway down the World's Fair events page.

3. If you're going to World's Fair, bring sunscreen, outdoor wear, and rainwear if there's a chance of rain! This is really important!!

4. World's Fair tickets are on sale until the 9th at 11:59 p.m. The weekend tix are $30; at-door, the weekend will cost $50, and individual days will be $30.

Please help? Even if you just mention this on your lj?

Hippo Birdies!

Happy birthday to padmaclynne !!

Would you like to take a survey?

Hey all.

I have to write a report for my technical writing class, so I've chosen a topic, "Role-play and its Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool."

I've created a very simple (5 question) survey on survey-monkey and would like people to take it, if they're willing. The question pertain to whether or not you've been involved in professional role-play (academic, medical, work/HR, etc) and whether or not you found it beneficial.

So, if you'd like to help me out, could you please take my little survey? Pass it on to your friends, if you're willing also. This post is non-friends-locked, so it can be linked.


Click Here to take survey

Happy happy!

Happy Birthday man_of_thor !


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