Ben (eolas16) wrote,

Boosting the signal - Steampunk World Fair

From Jeff Mach:

So I have several messages to get out to the world, particularly the likely-to-go-to-World's-Faire ones. If you can spread some or all of these, that makes life vastly better.

1. We will have a Badge Recycling Program! Please, if you feel you can part with part of the souvenir, keep your badge card, but leave your badge & lanyard in the recycling bin at World's Fair?

2. We still need things for the Iron Modder competition that you'll see about halfway down the World's Fair events page.

3. If you're going to World's Fair, bring sunscreen, outdoor wear, and rainwear if there's a chance of rain! This is really important!!

4. World's Fair tickets are on sale until the 9th at 11:59 p.m. The weekend tix are $30; at-door, the weekend will cost $50, and individual days will be $30.

Please help? Even if you just mention this on your lj?
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