Ben (eolas16) wrote,

High Aspirations

Good morning everyone,

It's a world of ice out there, so what do I have on my mind? Fire!

HVBRIS is trying to put together a training weekend for some time in 2012.  Here's the text from a poll that I put out on facebook.

"HVBRIS loves nothing more than introducing people to the fire arts.  We are currently looking into a training weekend for some time in 2012 in the Mid-Atlantic region (between Virginia and Massachusetts, depending on site location), and want to gauge interest in the event. 

We intend to make this event all-inclusive for the attendees (lodging and food).  This weekend is geared towards beginner (never picked it up before) to intermediate, with a focus on personal attention/small class sizes to give them the focus that they need.  All skill levels would be welcome, as the smaller class sizes would allow for more individual training.

Training will encompass all of HVBRIS's talents including poi, staff, fans, rope dart, swords, whips, contact, puppeteering, etc.  We will also do classes on safety, performance, construction, movement, etc. Additional classes can and will be added based on attendee interest/request."

I created a micropoll here:

I would really love it if people would help me boost the signal.  We're looking to get initial interest in the event to see if it's worth trying to put it together.
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