Ben (eolas16) wrote,

Post FSG Illness Alert

 Please boost this note, as it contains important information for any parent at FSG, or anyone who spent a lot of time around us and our daughter at FSG:

To those of you who spent time with us, or have children at FSG.

After being fine and healthy all week Gill came down with a fever yesterday (Sunday) during the day. It spiked up to 103 that night, also with sore throat/glands. We took her to the doctor this morning (after piggybacking ibuprofen and acetaminophen all night) . The quick culture for Strep is negative. However, the front-body rash that she has is a sign of Strep (variant A) which indicates other body involvement [rheumatic fever, kidney problems, etc]. The doctor said in these cases (with the rash/body signs) they treat with antibiotics immediately regardless of culture.

I also have a sore throat (and white spots) and went to my doctor today. My quick culture was also negative, but with Gill's diagnosis and having possible Strep A in the household (and me being symptomatic, despite negative culture) agreed to treat me preemptively so I do not further develop whatever I am showing symptoms of.

So the long and short of it is, if you or your child are showing signs (fever, headache, body rash, sore throat, swollen glands, etc) please consider contacting your physician. We have no idea where she may have picked this up, as any of the children could have brought an infection from school to festival and passed it along there.

We certainly hope that this passes quickly here at home, and we hope that we were on the short list of a limited outbreak. Best to everyone, and a quick return to health of anyone else who picked this up at FSG.
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