Ben (eolas16) wrote,

Going for the gusto! We need your votes!

Home of Poi, supplier of a fair quantity of HVBRIS' fire-performance gear, regularly has contests; this time around, there's a photo contest for "partner poi." The esteemed eolas16 (me) and parhellionhave entered two photos apiece, under each of their accounts over at Home of Poi, CTHobbit and Parhellion. A person can vote four times-- we're asking our friends to use their four votes for these four entries! If you'd be so willing, we'd love it if you'd head over to Home of Poi's web site. No registration/sign-up/etc. is required to vote.

One of the entries, "Bicycle Built for Two," is a photo castalusoria took at the Hungry Tiger Street Festival earlier this month in Somerville, MA! 

Here are some handy links to the entries' pages!

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -

The prize for the winner is $300 worth of gear from Home of Poi, which my troupe-mates will be able to put to the use of the troupe! (Hooray!)

Please feel free to boost the signal!
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